Speak to Your Data with Ask Alex
AI Powered Analytics Software That Maximizes Your Revenue

Drive Growth with AI - Powered Customer Acquisition & Retention

Ask Alex transforms data into dialogue. Our AI analytics tool lets businesses interact with their data, uncovering customer trends and driving operational efficiency and revenue.


Unlock Your Data's Full Potential with AI

Ignite your business growth with Ask Alex. Harness our state-of-the-art AI to delve into the depths of your data, uncovering the insights that propel you to new heights of customer connection and market mastery.

Talk Directly to Your Data

"Data Dialogue Simplified" – Engage with your data as effortlessly as striking up a conversation, unlocking a new level of intuitive analysis.

AI-Powered Segmentation

"Segment Smarter" – Harness sophisticated AI to slice through demographics and psychographics, crafting segments that supercharge your targeting.

User Sensitivity Scores

"Conversion Forecasting" – Leverage predictive analytics to identify where small changes can lead to significant leaps in conversion rates.

Actionable Insights

"Insight to Impact" – Translate complex datasets into straightforward, implementable strategies that drive tangible business results.

AI Trend Identification

Unearth hidden AI-driven trends in your data, positioning your business at the forefront of innovation and market evolution.

Real-Time Analytics Tracker

Refine with Confidence: Our Real-Time Product Performance Tracker provides live analytics for precise product and service optimization.

What is alex

Amplify Your Success with AI-Powered Campaigns

AI-Powered Segmentation

Smart Segments for Maximum ROI: Ask Alex fine-tunes your audience targeting, ensuring every campaign is a strategic move towards higher returns without sacrificing your user base.

ROI-Focused Campaigns

Deploy AI-powered campaigns designed for impact. Ask Alex's intelligent algorithms craft personalized offerings that resonate with your audience, directly driving sales and elevating your return on investment.

what we do

Understand Your Customers With Ease

AI Generated Audiences

Maximize your market impact with AI-Optimized Audience Creation. Ask Alex refines your targeting by harnessing verified shopper insights, enhancing engagement, and nurturing lasting customer relationships.

Robust User Profiles

Launch campaigns that hit the mark with Precision-Driven User Profiles. Ask Alex's advanced algorithms craft highly personalized offers, resonating deeply with your customer base and significantly boosting your ROI


Our Industries


Restaurant Growth: Data-Driven Strategies for Repeat Business.


Retail Revolution: Elevate with Tailored Shopper Insights.


Grocery Personalization: Drive Sales with Customized Offers.


Medspa Mastery: Enhance Care with Strategic Insights.


About us

At the heart of innovation and technology, we are a company driven by the power of data and artificial intelligence. Backed by our lead investors at Village Global, an esteemed network of successful entrepreneurs, we're on a mission to redefine how businesses interact with their data.

With a foundation built on cutting-edge AI, we empower organizations to unlock actionable insights, fostering growth and efficiency. Our team is dedicated to creating solutions that not only meet the dynamic needs of today's markets but also anticipate the trends of tomorrow.


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