AI-Powered Messaging for Customer Acquisition & Retention.

Significant increase in conversions, repeat customers and referrals, and it only takes 5 minutes a week.

Alex AI helps you acquire, message
and remember customers.

Increase in 2nd time visits
Revenue per SMS

Profiles & History

AI customer profiles facilitate personalized communication to all your customers. And you don’t need to lift a finger.
Aquire New Customers
Alex customers tell an average of 3 new people about your business.
Retain Customers
Alex increases 2nd time visits from New customers by up to 40%
Recover Lost Customers
Alex uses AI to find and reconnect you with your lost customers.

AI Builds
Your Campaign
In Seconds

Alex AI builds quick campaigns for you, and you can refine them if you’d like.

Skyrocket sales in under 5 min a week.

With Alex, quickly increase Sales, New Users, and Revenue in under 5 min a week.
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